Women Dive Day

I am always so happy to see so many ladies on PADI Women Dive Day, on the PADI Pro Site,
on various facebook pages, lots of pictures of ladies diving. How cool would it be if more ladies also became PADI Professionals. You can completely change your way of life by taking a PADI IDC. You don’t have to stop the work you are doing right away (that is also possible of course), you can also apply what you learn during the IDC in your work and living environment. The IDC is so much more than just becoming a PADI Instructor. If you would like to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. The next IDC in the Netherlands will start on August 4th and in Sharm el Sheikh the next IDC will start on November 26th. So become a PADI Instructor this year, not just to teach scuba diving, but so much more.

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