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On to another great diving year. You want to continue your diving career and to change your life? Do that with Course Director Chris. Sign up for the IDC and become a PADI Diving Instructor. You still can sign up for the IDC in February 2023 in Sharm. Start with the IDC E-learning and follow your PADI IDC. We call this also the Instructor Development Course. You also can continue with your IDC Staff Course. Your teaching quality will be sharpened and you will be completely refreshed.

Since 2011 she is the In-house Course Director by 5* IDC Center Divepost  in Valkenburg – Zuid Holland and also by PADI CDC Center Reef Oasis Dive Club in Sharm el Sheikh. And from 2023 is she also works together with 5* IDC center Bubble and Dive in BelgiĆ« where she will give two IDC’s. Every year she get the Elite Instructor rating and she is a PADI Gold Course Director. PADI gave to 5* IDC Center Divepost and Chris the Certificate of Excellence, because of their good cooperation.

PADI Course Director Chris

Course Director Chris is a highly experienced International PADI Course Director. She is also a Tec Deep Instructor Trainer and Tec Trimix -Instructor Trainer. Teaching is her full-time job and after all diving is her passion. She teaches year round, IDC’s, TEC Training and various Instructor Specialties.

IDC Workshops

During workshops Chris covers all skills, so that you are not surprised on the PADI Exam. She trains all IDC Candidates herself and she teaches you to do the skills neutrally. In Egypt, master Instructor Wahid helps her. Students do not sit on their knees in the pool or in the open water. You don’t want to break a coral or stir up dust. You will also see that candidates give their students a bear buoyancy as soon as they teach. Chris also gives various workshops at diving schools with positive coaching. For more information about this, feel free to contact her. 

Have you now also felt the urge to give your life a spin and do something different that others can only dream of? Take a sabbatical or become a diving instructor in the Netherlands.

PADI Course Director Chris

‘I train PADI Instructors, TEC divers and TEC Instructors in the Netherlands, Egypt, Malta and Cyprus. After so many years I still do this with great pleasure and passion. So I don’t see teaching as a job but as a hobby. As a result, the quality of my teaching is always rated very highly. I like to train people at a high level so that immediately after a course they are suitable to teach well. I’ve now made over 12000 dives and been underwater for over 9000 hours (just calculate how many days).’

Also read her interview by PADI My PADI Interview to get an impression of Chris. 

Become a PADI Diving Instructor in 2023

First of all, you sign up for the IDC and so you change your life today and lets have a great time together. Let your workplace be underwater.

PADI Instructeur

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