Sidemount Diver

Sidemount Diversidemount diverSidemout Diver

Sidemount Diver Course

Try it and dive with tanks next from you, yes this is Sidemount diving. Sidemount diving it’s not new, it started in the seventies by cave diving. Now a days, also recreational divers choose it. There are a lot of benefits, like streamlining, easy transport, more air, easy way of problem solving and of course, it also looks so cool!

As a Sidemount Diver you learn how to use the configuration, the new technics wich sidemount diving can offer. The course consist one confined water and three open water training dives.
Click here and see how people train in a pool of 150 cm. You want to try sidemount diving now? The prerequisite is Open Water Diver and minimum fifteen years ols. The course cost 349 euro inclusive use of all the Sidemount Equipment, exclusive the book (twentynine euro

PADI Instructor Sidemount Diver

By the Instructeur Specialty Sidemount Diver you learn demo technics, like weight checks, hover, fintechnics, sharing air en remove and replace of the cyliners. You also learn how to prepare all the equipment before the dive. Each Sidemount BCD is different. You will use the Specialty Instructor Outlie of PADI en equipment what is written there. You are an OWSI and have minimal 10 dives done in sidemound gear, or you did the student Sidemount Course, you can sign up for the course immidiately. The course consist two days and cost 299 euro. Never dived with 2 tanks? Book the Combo Sidemount Course, Student and Instructor for 459 euro. De courseprijs is excl. PADI Fees and material incl. use of Sidemount gear. We will teach te course every month.

Sidemount diverSidemount DiverSidemount Diver

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