TEC Sidemount Diver

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The TEC Sidemount Diver course is an intermediate step to TEC diver with Sidemount equipment, an introduction to TEC Diving. You will learn discipline, risk management, and attention to detail. Furthermore, you will use three or more tanks up to a maximum of six tanks. You will also learn to communicate differently. Yes, you are going to think like a TEC diver.

Benefits of the Tec Sidemount specialty


  • You place your tanks next to where you need them
  • If you can’t rent a double set, you can still do TEC dives
  • You can use your own Sidemount Configuration for this Tec training
  • Entering and leaving the water is easier than with a double set
  • A big advantage is that you can easily reach your taps
  • it is suitable for technical wreck and cave diving (extra training requirements apply).

What are the prerequisites and when can you start?

You are at least 18 years old, Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) and have completed a minimum of 30 dives. You submit a medical certificate from a doctor, max 12 months old, found suitable for diving (this is for all Tecrec courses at PADI). Do you already have the Sidemount Specialty, this provides a lot of advantage, so this is not a requirement to start. We are already planning with two students.

PADI Instructor Tec Sidemount

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And now you want to become a Tec Sidemount Instructor. This is possible if you are a Tec Instructor. You can also take these instructor courses in combination. How cool is that. We are going to teach you the tricks of the trade as a Tec instructor so that you can pass this on to your Tec Sidemount Diver students. Look at the schedule when you can follow these instructor courses.

How long does the course last and what are the costs?

Expect two to three days, depending on your experience (you are already a Sidemount Diver or not).
The course costs 429 euros excl. use of Sidemount equipment (you are already a Sidemount diver), excl. book, including certificate and use of extra stages and regulators. You can also book both courses as a combination so that you can dive a lot and gain experience in Sidemount equipment. The combi Sidemount/Tec Sidemount course costs 599 euros and is including sidemount equipment and certificate, excl. book. You then dive with a Divesystem Manta Twin Bladder which Tec Trainer Chris is a big supporter of (this BCD was also one of the first on the market when Sidemount diving became more widely known).

The next TEC- and Sidemount Diver courses will start in October 2022

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