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As a TEC Diver you search the unknown depths and take different gases with you. You get to places where others don’t go quickly. In the Netherlands we dive into the depths from the shore. We can also rent a boat for a small fee. If you take a PADI TEC Course in Sharm el Sheikh, the visibility and temperature are of course great. During the boat dives we go to Tiran and Ras Mohamed. All TEC Courses are possible with a twinset (Backmount) or with Sidemount equipment. If you don’t have all the equipment yourself yet, that’s no problem. If you want to take the course in Sidemount Equipment, make sure you have completed the Tec Sidemount Course first, so that when we go deep, you’ll have enough experience to dive with this gear.

TEC 40

Experience what it’s like to dive with Tec Gear and learn to streamline it. Extend your dives, dive with air or nitrox. Dive up to 40 meters with up to 10 minutes of deco time. Learn new hand signals, dive with up to 50 percent oxygen as a deco gas, and deal with problems.

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TEC 45

Learn to plan with tables and software. Use a multi-gas computer and do multi-stop dives. You are allowed to dive with a deco gas with a maximum of 100 percent oxygen. Learn to deal with accelerated deco times and dive to a maximum of 45 meters.

TEC 50

Focus on your planning using two deco gases/stages. You use from nitrox to 100 percent oxygen in your stages. you have unlimited deco times and you dive according to your multi-gas computer (your tables are backup schedules). Two accelerated deco dives are made where you can dive up to a maximum of 50 meters.

Prerequisites PADI Tec Courses

Tec 40: You are at least 18 years old, PADI Advanced Open Water-. Nitrox and Deep Diver. You have logged a minimum of 30 dives and made a minimum of 10 dives with Nitrox and a minimum of 10 dives to 30 meters.
Tec 45: Tec 40 diver, plus PADI Rescue Diver and you have a minimum of 50 logged dives, 12 of which with Nitrox and a minimum of 6 dives deeper than 100 feet.
Tec 50: Tec 45 diver and a minimum of 100 dives made and logged, of which at least 20 dives with enriched air to depths greater than 18 meters and 15 dives deeper than 30 meters.

Required Course Materials for all three courses:

Tec Deep Crewpack. You can buy this package with the TEC 40 course and also use it during the TEC 45 and 50 course.
All PADI TecRec courses require a Diver Medical Form from a physician. submit, not older than 12 months at certification. You must also sign the Tec Diver Statement of Understanding. This document is included with the TEC Deep Crewpack.

Course duration: 3 days, 4 dives. If you need more dives, we will schedule them together.

Price Tec 40: € 499.00 including Tec Equipment and certificate.
Price Tec 45: €499.00 excluding equipment, including certificate.
Price Tec 50: € 549.00 excluding equipment, including certificate.

Deco gases are charged separately. This is the same with the equipment rental and you pay extra if you need additional dives.
If you need an extra theory day in Egypt, € 100.00 will be charged for this.

Discover Tec -> PADI Tec Course

Start your training in confined water, try on TEC gear and practice TEC Skills. We call this Discover TEC. The first lesson in confined water gives you credit for the TEC 40 course. So if you’re not sure yet if you want to book the full course, start here. The costs are € 125,- inclusive the use of TEC equipment and incl. air. The costs of the Discover Tec will also for 50% be deducted from the course fee if you immediately decide to continue for Tec 40.

Cross over to PADI Tec 40-45-50. 

tec divers You are already TEC Diver from another organisation, but you want to be trained how we do by PADI. It is easy to do a cross over day to the PADI TEC. Chris will check your level and repeat with you the skills you learned on your course, only now the PADI way and you will get an TEC exam to refresh your level and you will do a real Technical dive at your level as well.

She gives this course in a one day or a to day cross over (depence what you still remember). By the 2 day cross over course you will also get an extra technical dive.

The price for the one day cross over: 159 euro.
If you need 2 days: 279 euro. (the group is max 3 students)

excl. TEC Deep Crew Pack and excl. TEC Equipment.

For TEC Instructor Course, click here or email Chris for more details.
Are you interested in the <https://www.idcchris.com/en/tecrec-training-en/tec-trimex-diver/”> Tec Trimix 45-50 course, this is now also possible in the Netherlands. And there is much more possible in the field of tec, such as gas blender course or Full Trimix course.

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