TEC Deep Instructor Course

Tec Deep Instructor

Tec Instructor

If you are a PADI Dive Instructor and a TEC diver, this is your chance to progress. As a PADI TEC Instructor you will train students for TEC 40 diver.  You will learn how to convey the philosophy of TEC Diving. You will also learn how to organize a TEC course and of course you will learn everything about safety and planning.

For all TEC Courses you must be in possession of a Medical Statement from a dive physician, suitable for diving, up to 12 months old. We give the courses in the Netherlands and Egypt. In the Netherlands we expect that you have your own equipment including bottles because you are already a TEC diver. If you don’t have these, you can rent them. If you follow the course in Egypt, the use of a double set or sidemount bottles with air is included in the price. PADI course materials and Application Fees are not included in the course fee.


tec trimix diver

  • Instructor Specialties Nitrox and Deep
  • TEC 45 diver
  • minimum 20 EAN dives
  • 25 dives deeper than 18 meters
  • 15 dives deeper than 30 meters
  • 20 stage decompression dives.

If you miss one of the requirements, we will make a tailor-made plan for you together.

Required course materials:

TEC Deep Student Manual, TEC Deep Lesson Guides CD Rom, TEC Deep Instructor Guide and Instructor Cue Cards.

Price and duration: 3 days, € 599.00, excluding deco gases

TEC DEEP InstructorTEC Deep Instructor

As a PADI TEC DEEP Instructor, you are qualified to teach TEC 40, TEC 45 and TEC 50. You can also provide the Discover TEC Diving Experience. You will learn how to convey the philosophy of TEC Diving and how to organize courses. You will also learn everything about safety and planning and you will follow theory and practical sessions on how to teach the TEC 40-45-50 course.


  • PADI MSDT, Specialty Instructor Nitrox and Deep Diving,
  • TEC 50 diver, minimum 270 dives
  • 20 Nitrox dives, 25 dives deeper than 18 meters
  • 15 dives deeper than 30 meters
  • minimum 25 stage decompression dives deeper than 40 meters
  • minimum 10 divers certified in the Deep- or Nitrox Specialty

For certification you must have assisted 45 and/or 50 courses at a TEC (ask about the internship possibilities).

Price and duration: 4 to 5 days, € 1199.00 (including use of the double set in Egypt), excluding deco gases.
TEC Deep Instructor incl. internship: 7 to 8 days, € 1399.00

Course materials for TEC and TEC Deep Instructor:

TEC Deep Student Manual, TEC Deep LG’s CD Rom. TEC Deep Instructor Guide and TEC Deep Instructor Cue Cards. See also the PADI Website.

TEC Sidemount Instructortec sidemount Chris

Do you want to prepare divers for TEC diving or do you want to train TEC students in Sidemount configuration? Then the TEC Sidemount Instructor Training is made for you. With the TEC Sidemount Course you give your students an intermediate step so that they can get used to multiple bottles and learn the necessary procedures.


  • TEC Sidemount Diver and Tec Instructor
  • PADI Nitrox and Deep Dive Specialty Instructor
  • A minimum of 20 TEC Sidemount dives
  • Ten dives with three or more tanks

Required Course Materials:

Full TEC Sidemount equipment, Sidemount student manual and TEC Sidemount Instructor Guide.

Price and duration: 2 days, € 499.00

PADI TEC Trimix Instructor

tec instructor course with Chris

The ultimate and highest level in Open Circuit to achieve. As a TEC Trimix Instructor you can train divers to TEC Trimix 65 or Full Trimix Diver. The training goes  up to a maximum of 90 meters. After this, the Trimix divers can continue to work on their own experience and dive deeper.


PADI MSDT, TEC Deep Instructor and Trimix Diver. A minimum of 200 dives with 20 technical decompression dives with a minimum of 10 deeper than 40 meters using Trimix. For certification as a TEC Trimix Instructor must have a minimum of 350 logged dives with 50 decompression dives deeper than 40 meters and 30 of these dives must have been made with trimix and 10 dives of these must be deeper than 50 meters using Trimix with oxygen of less than 21 percent. You must successfully pass the Trimix Instructor exams. Furthermore, you must have assisted with a Trimix course (ask for the internship possibilities).

Required Course Materials

TEC Trimix Student Manual and Instructor Manual, TEC Trimix Cue Cards, TEC Trimix Lesson Guides

Price and duration: 4 days, €1199.00 incl. 2 Trimix dives with Helium*
Incl. internship: 7 days, € 1459.00 incl. 2 dives with Helium*

Gas and Trimix Blender Instructor

As a Gas Blender Instructor you can train divers to fill cylinders. This is important for diving schools with their own filling station. Each filling station requires a qualified Gas Blender.


PADI OWSI, Specialty Instructor Nitrox, Gas Blender

Required Course Materials

Gas Blender Student and Instructor manual and DSAT Gas Blender Calculator.

Price and duration: 2 days, € 379.00

Instructor Trainer Chris is happy to train you to become a Tec or Trimix Instructor. 

*Helium in Sharm el Sheikh is 0.7 cents per liter. These costs come depending on the mixture on the course price. If more helium dives are desired, this is possible because the helium is calculated separately.
Other Deco gases are also charged separately.

one tank

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