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During the Gas Blender Course or Trimix Blender Course, you will get trained to fill tanks with different gasses, It can be Nitrox, it can be Trimix.  If you are working in a dive shop, you can fill the tanks for guests who ask for these gasses. The theory consists of the properties of oxygen, the risks of oxygen and you will learn how to make equipment oxygen clean. Of course you also will learn a lot about different filling stations. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different filling methodes and how to make the correct calculation for the filling. The course is not only looking who someone blends a filling, you will do it yourself! you can use your own tank during the course (if it is oxygen clean) or use the tank from the Divecenter. Are you interesting now to blend fillings? just sign up for this PADI Gas Blender Course.

Prerequisites for the Gas- of Trimix blender course:

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox certificate (or equal certification), minimum age of 18 year.
You need to have the Gas Blender Manual and the DSAT Gas Mix Calculator or an other one.

The Gas blender course takes one day and cost € 179,00 excl. book, inclusive certificate
Trimix blender course: 1 dag, € 149,00 excl. book, incl. certificaat
Combo Gas- en Trimix Blender cursus: 2 dagen, € 299,00 excl. book, inclusive certificate

For the Gasblender Instructor course klik here of mail Chris for more information                                 

Follow the PADI Gas Blender Course and blend your fillings in your own tanks.

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