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Sidemount Diver – the start to a tecrec training
How nice is it to learn to dive in a different way. Many divers have found convenience and pleasure as a Sidemount Diver. You don’t have to carry your tanks on your back if you want to be underwater. Also above water. In Sidemount diving you do not walk with a heavy tank on your back before entering the water. You click them in the water or sitting on the side. During the Specialty Sidemount diver you will get to know all the advantages. Does this sound interesting? Then sign up for the PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty. Or continue for Sidemount Diver Instructor.

Tec Sidemount Diver
Are you a Sidemount diver and do you want to take it a step further and are you interested in a TecRec Training? Then Tec Sidemount Diver is a nice intermediate step. It is also possible that you are already a Tec Diver and want to gain Tec experience in a different way. Many Tec Divers switch to Tec Sidemount because the logistics and transport of tanks is often much easier. You no longer need your heavy double set. You learn to dive with a maximum of six tanks if you dare (no obligation) and you connect and disconnect them one by one. The course is challenging and you can also progress to Tec sidemount Instructor. You need to be a Tec Instructor for this or do a combination of both.

Going to the dept with PADI TecRec Training

Tec 40 Tec 45 and TEC 50
Do you want to go deep and do decompression dives? PADI has a great program for that where we go one step further every time. From ten minutes of decompression time to unlimited decompression times. Each program has four dives and if you need more to pass, simply book additional dives. You do not need a twinset for the Tec 40 course, although that is of course cool to dive with. Especially if you want to continue with Tec 45 and 50. In the Netherlands we usually dive in Vinkeveen and Oostvoorne for the courses, in Egypt we have a house reef where you can easily tap the 50 meters and you can also do the Tec Diving from the boat in Ras Mohamed or Tiran diving.

You want to see the dark side?

Tec Trimix Diver
If a depth of 50 meters is not enough for you and you also want to learn to dive with Helium, then choose Tec Trimix Diver. As an experienced Tec Diver you go for the extreme. You dive places where others will never go. The course is split into Tec 65 and Full Trimix diver. You can follow them separately or go straight for Full Trimix diver. During the course you can make dives to a maximum depth of 90 meters. You will use Multigas Trimix Computers and it is possible to dive with four deco-cylinders. These courses are taught in Egypt. It is also possible to do the theory in the Netherlands and the dives in Sharm el Sheikh. We also offer the Trimix 45/50 specialty. This can also be followed in the Netherlands. For more information, please Contact Us.

Gas Blender – Trimix Blender
Do you want to make your own gas mixture and be trained to become a qualified Nitrox Gas Blender? In the Gas Blender course you will learn how to make Nitrox mixtures for yourself or for customers. The theory deals with the physical and operational properties of oxygen, the risks and handling of oxygen. Of course you will also learn different filling methods and how to make the correct calculations for filling. If you work in a dive shop where they also have helium, then after the Trimix Blender course you can also make mixtures for Trimix Divers. How cool is that. You can take the courses separately or as a Gas and Trimix Blender Combo. 

There is more TecRec training

Self Reliant Diver
For experienced divers who take pictures underwater, the Self Reliant Specialty (some call it Solo Diving) is a godsend there. This specialty is also suitable for PADI Instructors and Divemasters as they actually dive “alone” while teaching. It may also be that you are looking for a new challenge or a step towards  want to make Tec Diving. It is a precursor to a Tecrec training. Among other things, you learn to solve problems on your own and your air consumption and what you take extra with you underwater will be discussed. However, you must have completed at least 100 dives before you can participate in this specialty. You can plan and execute dives on your own after completing this specialty.
Tec Deep Instructor – the ultimate TecRec training
As a PADI Instructor you naturally want to grow. You can choose the path to IDC Staff Instructor or you want to become a Tec Instructor. You have already completed the Tec 50 course and made the necessary decompression dives. If you meet all the requirements, you can now apply for a Tec Instructor or Tec Deep Instructor. You will also follow a Tecrec training to qualify as a full Tec Deep Instructor. There are not many of these instructors, so challenging enough for you to teach Tec Diving afterwards.


Tec 40: starts May the first – 2023 in the Netherlands

PADI TecRec Dossier 2013 from TEC Trimix Instructor Trainer Chris.

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