Self Reliant Course finished

Self Reliant CursusWe are proud of Natasja, Giuseppe and Bernard, students and instructors who succeeded last Sunday as Solo diver ans Solo diver Instructor. During the PADI Self Reliant Course, there are a lot of challenges. For example, you have to swim without a mask in cold water of five degrees. You also have to control your SAC- rate all the time and you have to navigate with natural references and with your Compass to come back. You plan your dive, dive your plan and you will come back where you started the dive.

The special thing by this dive is that you do not see your Instructor (the Instructor is swimming above you). In advance you will get the skills you have to manage and it feels that you realy are doing everything alone. Are you also interested? Just contact Chris. The course will start already by two persons and than we start planning. And if you are interested in other Instructor Specialty Courses, just have a look.

With the Self Reliant Course, you will take an extra tank with you underwater. You can call this spare are or a stage tank. Therefore it is actually the first step to TEC Diving because by TEC Diving you will use more tanks as well. You will carry stages with different gasses. So, we will help you with all different kind of courses. It starts with TEC 40, 45, 50 and go on. And what do you think about Sidemount diving? You will have two tanks, on each side one. There are different ways of diving, when you dive alone or togheter. PADI offers you all these courses and Chris helps you to follow the way of PADI. 


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