PADI Instructor Exam

What is the PADI Instructor Exam (IE)?

The PADI IE takes place after the IDC and is examined by independent examiners appointed by PADI (also Course Directors). The exam takes place at various locations and lasts 2 days. You can choose in which language you want to take the exam. During the IDC, Chris will fully prepare you for the PADI Instructor exam so that there are no surprises. The exams in 2023 are planned straight after the IDC’s. The exam consists of four segments, each of which counts for 25 percent. You must pass each section to earn the PADI Instructor title.

Four Segments of the PADI Instructor Exam

  1. Theory Exam of the Dive Theory and the General Guidelines of the PADI Instructor Manual.
  2. Prescriptive teaching presentation (teaching in the classroom).
  3. Confined Water teaching presentation and demonstration of five water skills (in the pool).
  4. Open Water teaching presentation and Rescue Skill 7 (mouth to mouth or mouth to pocket mask in open water).

PADI ExamDuring the PADI IDC, your Course Director Chris will give you a counseling session to see if you are ready for the exam.  When you’re ready, show on the exam what you’ve learned and so you can successfully complete all parts. And then you are a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. If it happens that you do not pass a part of the exam the first time, you can follow (parts of) the next IDC free of charge. This way you prepare well again if you go to the PADI Exam for that part again. You only pay a portion of the exam fee to PADI. Good luck and of course you pass the first time if you followed the entire IDC with Chris. 

Extra info

Immediately after the Exam we provide the MSDT program
(five instructor Specialties of your choice), of course you can also teach these PADI Specialties. And then you are immediately a valuable Instructor and excellently deployable. Therefore choose the IDC Gold package!

There is an opportunity to better prepare for the theory exam and this can be done by following the Specialty Advanced Dive Theory. This specialty is specifically designed for divers who are going to walk the Pro path. Are you an aspiring Divemaster or Instructor. If you want, first follow this specialty in four evenings before you participate in your further training.

Follow your PADI IDC in Egypt, Holland or Belgium and become a PADI Instructor


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