Medical Statement

Obtain a medical statement before you start a PADI Pro Training. medical statementBefore participating in the IDC, you must be approved for diving and present a Medical Statement. The statement must be signed by a diving medical doctor. The statement must not be older than 12 months at the time of the PADI Instructor Exam. You also need to be inspected for TEC courses. We ask you to submit the medical statement signed by a doctor. As a diving instructor or TEC diver you must be completely healthy to dive.

Medical Statement and Dive Clearance

You first need to download and complete the Diver Medical Form with which you can undergo an examination. It is not only an obligation, it is a good check for yourself. By Divepost we have to diving medical doctors. If you come to Sharm el Sheikh, you can have yourself examined by a doctor in the Hyperbaric Chamber of Sharm. We are happy to inform you about the costs of the medical statement. Check the exact costs with the dive doctor.

rescue 7Do you also want to know how you can help others? Or do you want to manage people who can help others? Before joining the IDC or your Divemaster course, follow the EFR Instructor Course. A must to have and to help others. The Emergency Oxygen Provider course is also a must. Of course you can also become an instructor in this. Your own health is not only important, but also that of others while diving.

If you think now, I am not yet ready for training as a PADI Pro, then follow the rescue course or the RNLI Sea Survival Specialty. Both are good preparations for the career as a PADI Pro. These courses teach you how to act in emergency situations and how to prevent them. Of course it is important for every diving course that you are healthy. You must submit a medical statement for each course. ✔

PADI Dive Instructeur


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