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Cross over to PADI Instructor. You are already a Dive Instructor, BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, SSI, SDI? Why should you do a cross over to PADI? If you want to work anywhere in the world as a Dive instructor, the most Dive Centers ask for PADI Instructors. The Cross Over is guaranteed with a lot of fun as well with a lot of knowledge and inwater training. We learn you how to teach the PADI way and you will show this during the PADI Exam. We discuss a lot about the differences. Of course we always tell you why and how. It is very easy to do the cross over, just in eight days. Are you ready to take this action?cross over naar PADI

So you can teach, only now you need to learn the PADI way of teaching and diving with all the techniques and standards. After the cross-over to PADI Program, you will show your skills and knowledge during the PADI IE. IE is standing for Instructor Exam. PADI Course Director Chris will take care of you. Also you will learn a lot and of course there will be a lot of fun during this program. Many candidates where following this program already, in Holland and in Egypt.

Cross Over to PADI? What do you need?

cross over naar PADIThere is a cross over pack from PADI with the books from Open Water till Divemaster (you can get these books online). Additionally you need the IDC crewpack online. Aand if you want to teach EFR courses, you need to have the EFR Instructor Crew pack as well. To become EFR Instructor, it is only a one day course. Easy to follow for cross over candidates. After the EFR instructor program, it is easy to teach rescue diver students. Moreover this program, check EFR Instructor Course.

When you successful exit the PADI Exam, you can sart teaching all over the world. And that is why you do the cross over to PADI. PADI Course Director Chris helps you with the planning. She is very flexible with the schedule. It is possible to make an appointment with Chris so you can give her all your wishes. Just think, you can also get the Instructor Specialty ratings. Therefore you just give Chris the Instructor Specs, you already have.

Cross over and become a PADI Dive Instructor 

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