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PADI Instructor Development Courses in Hurghada, Egypt

Come and participate in one of Chris’s popular PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course) courses or packages in Hurghada. CD Chris scheduled for 2017 one IDC in Hurghada, in July. She works in Hurghada with minimum groups of 3 candidates and she conducts all parts of the IDC-training herself. It’s Chris’s aim to make sure that you successfully pass the PADI IE. You will receive extra information and knowledge to become a highly trained Open Water Scuba Instructor after the IE, so you can work every where in the World.

Five star IDC

Next PADI IDC in starts in 2019 by booking of 4 IDC Candidates
EFRI Course is one day before the IDC
IE is 7x per year

The Dutch PADI Course Director conducts in Hurghada the IDC incl. EFRI course over 10 days. Your preparation will be online. After the IE, the MSDT-Program wil be conducted in 3 days with beautifull dives from the boat. You will visit lovely dive sites like Abu Ramada, Banana Ref and El Fanadir and for the Wreck Instructor Specialty you will visit the El Mina wreck. Think about to become a Specialty Instructor in AWARE Fish Identification or Digital Underwate Photography. You can find all kind of fishes, have a visibility of 20 meter and you will dive in warm water.

All of Chris’s candidates in Hurghada completed the PADI Instructor Examinations (IE) succesfully!
See planning for the full Instructor Development Course Schedule in Hurghada – Egypt.

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