IDC preparations


1. Download the newest Instructor Manual from the PADI website. It’s important that you know which sections the Instructor Manual contains.
2. Study the Diving Knowledge workbook and the Encyclopedy again, be familiar with it.
3. Be familiar with the Student Manuals of the Open Water Diver-, the Adventures in Diving-, the Rescue Diver- and the Divemaster Course.
4. Watch the PADI Open Water- and Rescue Video is helpful to refresh yourself.
5. Refresh your 24 training skills of the Open Water Diver course. The evaluation criteria are the same as in your Divemaster Course. Refresh also your rescue skills.
6. Be familiar with skills from the AOW Diver course, Knot tying, Lift bag, Underwater Navigation and your Buoyancy.

7. Refresh your demonstration quality of the mouth to mouth and mouth to pocket mask ventilation rescue exercise 7.
8. Be Fit, for the swim test of 800 meter during the IDC, take opportunity to dive whenever it’possible.
9. Make the Selfstudy Knowledge of the EFR Instructor Manual. Answers about the Medical Questions you find in the student manual.
10. Keep email contact with Course Director Chris, she helps you with online preparation.
As more you do before, as easier the IDC will be.

Succes and lots of fun with your preparation!

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