Congrats 2009 – 2012

PADI IDC’s / MSDT Program/ Specialty Courses 2012, Sharm el Sheikh / Taba / Katwijk

Congratulations to the new OWSI’s Ahmed Nagdy, Mohamed Khafagy, Ezzelden Saleh, Jana Nemcovicovic, Martin Sekel and Inge Onderwater. Congratiulations to the new OWSI Ahmed Gamal, Mohamed Rabie, Osama Azzam, Loekje van Hooft, Rian Onderwater, Tomas Slavik, Martijn van Bemmel and Michiel Tieleman, who also succeeded the MSDT program, to Mohamed Nagib and Harald Assenberg, who became IDC Staff Instructor. Congratulations to Yvonne Scholten for the Instr. Specs DUP and Em O2 Provider, to Ed Sengers en Hans Caspers who finished the MSDT Program, to Johan Guyt for the Instr. Specialty Em. O2 Provider and Annelies Posthuma who became EFR Instructor. Congratulations to Jurgen who became AI and Em. O2 Provider Instructor.



IDC’s – MSDT Programs 2011, Netherland, Cyprus and Egypt

Congratulations to the new OWSI’s: Daan van Schaik, Kees van der Hee and Henri van Mourik and congratiulations to IDC Staff Instructor Ewold Polman. Congratulations to the new OWSI’s: Katja and Jeroen Geelof, Anton Kuts, Kris Green and Olga Khrennikova, who also succeeded the MSDT program. Congratulations to Annemieke Metten, Martijn Fisscher and Monicque Jacobs who succeeded the MSDT program and to IDC-Staff Instructor Andrew who succeeded the Instr. Specialties Equipment and Emergency O2 Provider.



IDC’s 2009-2010, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Egypt

Congratulations to the new Open Water Scuba Instructors: Monique Keereweer, Marjolein Morshuis, Rafal Piontek, Ilona Mlejnek and Khaled el Din Elsaka, Maciej Mlejnek, Dorotha Demkow and Kacper Kwiatkowski, Stass Mishyn, Ahmed Ali, Mohamed Wafik, Francesco Ferrari, Sabina Hofland and Montaser Mahmoud and to Greet Meulepas, who also succeeded the MSDT Program and to the new EFRI/AI: Wael Abbas.

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