Specialty Instructor

You want to teach divers what you specially like when you are underwater and you want to teach what your local area offers, so you need to become a PADI Specialty Instructor. Then you are able to show new areas of the underwater world to students. You will also enhance your employability and earning potential by being a more versatile employee.

When you can teach 5 specialties, have a minimum of 25 student certifications, you can apply to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.


• PADI Assistant Instructor or OWSI/followed succesfully an IDC.
• Divemaster for Specialty Instructor DUP and Emergency O2 provider

PADI Adaptive Teaching Specialty

• Drift diving
• Night diving
• Digital Underw. Photografy (also for Divemasters)
• Drysuit diving
• Deep diving
• Aware Fish ID
• Emergency O2 Provider (also for Divemasters)
• Boatdiving
• Search and Recovery
• U/W Navigator
• U/W Naturalist
• Underwater Videographer
• Enriched Air Nitrox
• Multilevel
• Gas- and Trimix Blender
• Equipment
• Sidemount Diver
• Self Reliant Diver (Solo Diver)
• TEC Sidemount Diver
• Wreck diving

Choose for 5 Instructor Specialties in 3 or 4 days and look for the special offers.

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