Specialty Instructor

How nice it is, to teach with lots of variation. As a PADI Instructor, you also want to keep learning. View all the choices that Course Director Chris offers below. Of course you can also follow the specialty yourself if you don’t have it yet, because CD Chris offers the necessary combos. Then you learn even better to teach in the Instructors Specialty yourself. All student specialties below include certificate costs, all instructor specialties are excl. PADI Application fees. In 2023 these are per Instructor Specialty 48 euro when trained by a CD.

PADI Adaptive TeachingPADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty

Learn the proper techniques for diving with people with disabilities. What is it like to dive without fins? Check your buoyancy when your legs are not working. Use special gloves and more. Open Water divers can become Adaptive Support Divers and help their buddy if they have a physical or mental disability. 
During the Adaptive Techniques Specialty (for DM and above), you learn techniques that you can use during your diving lessons. Chris offers the Instructor Specialty Adaptive Techniques along with student level as a combo. You get the dives for the student Adaptive Support Diver Specialty and Adaptive Techniques Specialty.  You do workshops and then you do the briefing and a dive for the Instructors Specialty. PADI Adaptive Support Diver Specialty € 179.00 – PADI Adaptive Techniques Diver Specialty € 249, – Specialty Instructor Adaptive Techniques Diver € 199,- Combo Student and Instructor level Adaptive Techniques € 379,-

Specialty Advanced Dive TheoryAdv Dive Theory

Do you want to delve further into diving theory, then this is really something for you. The specialty consists of five modules in three to five evenings and is suitable for divers from Advanced Open Water to Divemaster. We will discuss physics, physiology, equipment, the creation of dive tables, the environment and diving skills. Of course we expect some preparations from you that you can make with the Diving Knowledge Workbook and the Advanced Open Water book. The Specialty costs € 199,-.

Boat Diver Specialty Instructorbootduiken

Boat dives are often made abroad. How do you enter the water and how do you find the boat? Teach that to your open water scuba diver students because they don’t just want to dive in the Netherlands. Boat diving is of course also possible in the Netherlands and your students want to know where they stand. With a zodiac on the Oosterschelde or enjoy diving in Vinkeveen in a place where other divers do not come. The specialty is already planned from three people. Boat Dive Specialty € 179,- Instructor Boat Dive Specialty € 159.-. Combo Student/Instructor €299.-. Boat costs are not included, these depend on the number of participants.

Specialty Instructor Deep divingdiep

Do you prefer to go deep or do you want to prepare your students for Technical diving? Then it is a must to learn how to teach the techniques associated with the Specialty Deep diving.  We are going to look at pressure differences, the colors that change, the thinking ability and navigating by depth. Of course there is a mandatory safety stop with every dive because safety comes first. Deep Dive Specialty € 229. – including student booklet. Specialty Instructor Deep Diving € 199.-. Combo Student/Instructor €359.00

Digital Underwater Photographer (also for DM)DUP

Taking pictures underwater doesn’t just require good buoyancy, you also want to shoot beautiful compositions. What is the subject you want to photograph? Where do you put this? Do you take vertical or horizontal photos? Learn how to get more color in your photos underwater. If they have just bought a camera, teach your students how to use and maintain it properly.  The Digital Underwater Photography Specialty costs € 189,- including student booklet. The Digital Underwater Photography Instructor € 159,-. Combo Student/Instructor DUP € 309,-

Dive against debrisDive Against Debris Specialty Instructor

Get your students to think about the environment and reward them for helping clean up the underwater world. Seventy percent of the globe is water and we need to protect it. In the Specialty Dive Against Debris Instructor you will learn how to organize Eco-friendly activities. You also teach people to become aware of what is happening to our seas and how you can change people’s mentality. Of course you want to pass this on to your students. Dive Against Debris Specialty €159,- Instructor Specialty €159.- As Combo € 279,-. Also take a look at the page of Project Aware for more information about underwater conservation.

Specialty Drysuit Instructordroogpak

It is nice if you can dive all year round. Swap your wetsuit for a drysuit and teach your students what it’s like to fill your drysuit with air while diving. Teach them to control their buoyancy, how to vent the suit in an emergency. The necessary games are also discussed during this specialty. We also look at the maintenance of the dry suit. The Dry Suit Specialty costs € 189 .-including booklet and the Instructor Specialty € 159.-. Of course you can also follow the combo, Student/Instructor € 309,-. To be certified as an instructor you need 10 dry suit dives. You will arrive in the Netherlands in no time. If you don’t have your own dry suit yet, you can rent one for € 35,- per day. For the pool session you pay € 25,- for the dry suit.

Instructeurs Specialty DPVDPV (Scooter Diving)

Learn to use a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle), or an underwater scooter, underwater. How cool is it to cover large areas in a dive, while coming out of the water super relaxed afterwards. You hardly need to fins, just a little steering. We now also offer this Instructor Specialty in the Netherlands and not just in Sharm el Sheikh, because who wouldn’t want to take a tour of Vinkeveen and come across nice wrecks. The Specialty costs € 179,- and for Specialty Instructor € 199,-. The combo student/Instructor costs € 299.– Please note, Scooter rental is € 75,- per day.

zuurstof koffer

Emergency O2 Provider (also for Divemaster)

Every dive we take the oxygen case with us. Does everyone on the side know how to administer oxygen in the event of a diving accident? As a Divemaster or Instructor, you naturally want to train students in this so that they can provide oxygen in case of an emergency. You will be taught all the intricacies of different oxygen systems so that you can assemble various oxygen bottles and teach in all systems. It is nice to give this course together with the Rescue course. Both the student training and the Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor training are scheduled three times a year. The Emergency Oxygen Provider course costs € 119,-including student booklet. The Instructor training € 159,- – as a combo € 259,-. For further in-depth knowledge, you can also switch to the NIKTA MOP course or MOP Instructor course. This way you can also help other target groups with oxygen. Think of first aiders in event care and emergency response officers in the industrial sector, swimming teachers, etc. etc.

nitrox analyzerEnriched Air Nitrox Specialty Instructor

EAN, or Enriched Air Nitrox, is often used on holidays, because people often dive deeper than in the Netherlands. As a result, nitrogen is absorbed faster in the body. Teach your students why it is important to dive with Nitrox and how to analyze the mixture themselves so that they can stay at depth longer. The most common mixtures are Nitrox 32 and Nitrox 36. Mixtures up to 40% oxygen are possible. The course can be given with or without diving. Without diving the Nitrox Specialty costs € 119,- including student booklet (optional with diving € 199,-). The Specialty Instructor costs € 159,-. If you follow the combo student and instructor in succession, you pay € 259.00 without diving and € 329,- with two dives.

Gasblender idcchrisGas Blender and Trimix Blender

Do you use Nitrox and do you want to learn to blend it yourself? This is possible during the Gasblender course. This way you can easily have Nitrox in stock for your students after you have completed this course. You can also become a Gas Blender Instructor, so that you can teach your students how to make the Nitrox mixture themselves. There is also the option to become a Trimix Blender because if you work at a diving school where they mix with Helium to do technical dives, you can help if you have completed this training. The Gas Blender costs € 179 and Trimix Blender € 149. If you follow them both in succession, this Specialty is € 299,-. After this you have the option to continue as Instructor. Please contact Chris about this. De Instructor Specialties are separate € 199,- or as combo € 349,-.

KNRM Sea Survival- RNLI Sea Survivalrnli Specialty Instructeur

RNLI stands for Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The RNLI Sea Survival Specialty was designed in collaboration with PADI. This has been taken over by the KNRM (Royal Dutch Rescue Society) which is why you now also come across the name KNRM Sea Survival Specialty. If you are in danger at sea, know what to do. This makes a difference between life and death. You can be rescued faster or you avoid the dangers and you make sure you have the right equipment with you and more….. This KNRM Sea Survival Specialty is for Open Water Divers as well as for more experienced divers and also for PADI Pros because you learn all kinds of new skills. The Specialty KNRM / RNLI Sea Survival costs € 179 and for Instructor this costs € 159,-. Of course a combo is possible and this comes down to € 299,-.

Multilevel and Computer

This Specialty is certainly useful for those who want to extensively learn the predecessors of the Computer. The Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) and the Wheel will both be discussed and you will also be doing Multilevel dives. Because everyone now dives with a computer, this specialty is no longer promoted by PADI. If you like nostalgia you can still follow it with Course Director Chris. And frankly, this Specialty is also a lot of fun and useful for candidates who want to become a PADI Pro. It is also a useful preparation if you want to delve into Technical diving that also involves table and multilevel dives. The Specialty costs € 179,-.

Night Dive Specialty Instructorspecialty nacht duiken

How cool is it to go into the water as soon as it gets dark and show your students a completely different underwater world. You will encounter fish that you would otherwise not see in daylight and sometimes you will see fish hunting, which sleep during the day. When you dive at night, it’s like diving on another planet. Communication at night is one of the topics we discuss in detail during this Instructor Specialty. The Specialty costs € 199 and the Instructor Specialty € 159,-. The Combo costs €329,-. If you don’t have a lamp yet, you can of course rent one.

Underwater Navigationnavigatie

And then you follow a guide on holiday who shows you the most beautiful spots underwater, great. Of course you also want to do this at home with your buddy. How do I find my way back home if I want to find multiple objects underwater? In this specialty you will learn several ways of navigating, both with compass and with natural navigation. The underwater navigation specialty is extremely useful if you are leading dives in poor visibility. You want to bring your students to the side safely. And if you let students dive together, it is also nice if they come home independently. The navigation specialty costs € 199,- and the Instructor Specialty navigation costs € 159,-. Together they can be booked as a combo for €329,-.

Underwater Naturalistspecialty instructeur naturalist

Do you also love nature? Can you distinguish between plants and animals, who lives with each other, who uses another? Then this Specialty is really something for you to give. If you haven’t followed the course yet, you can also follow it as a combo. The Underwater Naturalist course costs € 179,- and the Instructors Specialty costs € 159,-. As a combo € 309,-.

Underwater Videographyanthias

Do you have students who want to delve further into underwater life and make videos of it, or do you want to do this yourself? Whatever camera they have, you will pass on the right tips to them during the Underwater Video Specialty. Learn where to place yourself underwater during your recordings and pay attention to the right light. The Specialty underwater video costs € 179,- and the Instructors Specialty costs € 159,-. They can be followed together as a combo for € 309,-.


Sidemount Specialty Instructor

One of Chris’s favorites. Streamlined diving with two or more tanks as there is also the option of a Tec Sidemount Diver where you learn to dive with up to six tanks. You disconnect all bottles, so you don’t have to walk on land with a heavy twinset. Sidemount is also a solution for students with back problems. Instead of one heavy tank on your back, you can dive with two smaller tanks at your side. We tell you the various techniques how to enter and exit the water. The Sidemount Specialty costs € 349,- including equipment and for the instructor training you pay € 329,- including extra experience dives. Book the combo student and Instructor Sidemount dives now for only € 579,-. You want more info about Sidemount diver, click here.

Self Reliant Diver or Solo DiverSelf Reliant

Do you want your Divemasters to fasten your buoy for the CESA or do you want to train photographers to go into the water alone, become a Specialty Instructor Solo diving. In this course you learn to dive independently without a buddy. This means that you take extra equipment with you during your dive. The Self Reliant Specialty also prepares you for the first step in Technical Diving. For this specialty you need a minimum of 100 dives to start. The costs for this Specialty are € 299,- Instructor Training costs € 299,-. If you are not yet a Self Reliant Diver, you can follow the combo for € 459.

Instructor Specialty Shark ConservationShark Conservation Specialty Instructor

Are you afraid of sharks or do you love them? Do you want to learn more about them? Enroll in the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty course. This is possible from the age of 12. You will discover what the function of sharks is in the marine ecosystem and in the economy. You’ll learn about the causes of shark population declines and what you can do to become a passionate shark conservationist. Sharks need you! The specialty costs € 179 and for Instructor you pay € 159. Did you know that this is an Project Aware Specialty?

driftduiken idcchris

Drift Diving Specialty

Going with the flow in the Netherlands or abroad? Only when do I step into the water? How do I recognize the current, where do I find the right tide tables, what is a ‘Negative Entry’ and much more. During the Instructor Specialty you will receive all the information so that you can make beautiful drift dives with your students. Do you first want to follow the specialty as a student? That too is possible. The Specialty costs € 179,- and the Instructors Specialty Drift dives € 159,-, as a combo € 279,-.

Equipment Specialistdroogpakreparatie

Have you ever had a problem with a regulator on the water? Or had your mask strap suddenly burst? How about a hole in your drysuit? Do you want to be able to solve all these problems or teach this to your own students, then the Equipment Specialty is definitely for you. This interesting specialty teaches you, among other things, the correct maintenance of various pieces of equipment, their daily care and small repairs. We also discuss the technology behind (more) complex equipment for a better insight into the operation of, for example, the regulator. The more you know about how to use your scuba equipment, the more safely and comfortably you will dive with it. Student course cost € 149 and Instructor € 159. As a combo € 279,-.

Fish Identificationvisherkenning

How beautiful are those fish, but what are they called? You will learn at least ten names and fishing families during this interesting Specialty. After a dive, your students will have several questions about marine life. All characteristics of fish in fresh water as well as in salt water and the fish of the Red Sea are discussed in the Fish Identification Specialty. Come along to Zeeland or Egypt where we will discover the fish. Fun for yourself and for your students. The Specialty costs € 179,- and the Instructors Specialty € 149,- As a combo you only pay € 299,-.

wrak duiken

Specialty Instructor Wreck diving

When you look at a wreck, you discover history. Think, for example, of the Thistlegorm, a wreck from the Second World War. Whether the wreck sunk intentionally or accidentally, the dives are irresistible. Through the Wreck Diving Specialty you’ll learn skills to navigate on a wreck, to make a drawing of a wreck and which wreck you can and cannot enter. You make great dives during this Specialty and will really get to know a wreck. It is also possible to visit several wrecks during the Specialty. The Specialty costs € 219,- and the Instructors Specialty costs € 199,-. If you want to follow the combo, you pay € 379,-

zoeken en bergenSearch and Recovery

Maybe something has gone overboard and you want to find it again. Or someone has lost his weights and you have to help him recover it. You learn to tie various knots. You are going to perform different search patterns. Of course you will work with a lift bag to safely bring the object up and to the side, from small to large. For the Specialty you are an Advanced diver and at least 12 years old. The Specialty costs €219,-. The instructors Specialty costs € 199,-. This can be followed as a combo for € 379,-.


For more information: PADI Specialties. Opt for the MSDT package and take five Instructor Specialties in three to four days. Follow one of the packages. Click here for various dates. Of course, other options are possible, entirely according to your wishes.

You can of course also go in-depth and follow one of the TEC courses, you can also contact Chris for Tec Deep Instructor and Trimix Instructor. ✔


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