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What does MSDT actually mean?

MSDT stands for Master Scuba Diver Trainer. After the Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program, you can teach five Specialties. Master Scuba Diver TrainerAfter certifying 25 students, you can apply for the Master Scuba Diver Trainer title from PADI. An honorific indicating that you have experience in teaching.

Of course you also want to broaden your knowledge and teaching specialties that interest you. Course Director Chris gives you all the tips to teach in specialties, both educational and fun. And of course we visit different dive sites during the program because you want your students to gain experience. So follow the MSDT program. The package can be booked separately or in the IDC Gold package directly after your IDC. 

MSDT Program immediately after your IDCMSDT Program

  1. You have completed your IDC and now know exactly how to teach the PADI System. Briefings, debriefings, answering questions from students, etc. are now easy for you.
  2. The MSDT Program takes only 3 days to complete.
  3. In the IDC Gold package you get a significant discount on the Instructor Specialties. You only pay 400 euros for five Instructor Specialties. The costs are already included in the price of the IDC Gold Package.
  4. In Egypt you will also dive from the boat during the MSDT Program, this is inclusive in the price.
  5. There is plenty of choice and CD Chris has flexibility to let you track the right package.

MSDT Program booked separatelyMSDT Program

Of course you can also book the MSDT package separately. The program will then be tailored to the Specialties you choose and usually lasts four till five days. These can be consecutive or one day every week. You can also choose to come to Sharm el Sheikh for a week to dive the reefs of Tiran and Ras Mohamed. Consider, for example, Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Nitrox, Drift Diving and Boat Diving as a specialization. Of course you have many more choices, see here.

Can Assistant Instructors follow the MSDT Program?

MSDT ProgramDo you not have enough dives yet to become a PADI Instructor after your Divemaster course and do you want to grow right away? The MSDT program is  a good preparation for your path as a PADI Instructor. You can become an Assistant Instructor and once you become an Assistant Instructor you can go through the MSDT Program do more dives. You will also gain a lot of experience during these dives and give briefings and debriefings. This way you quickly grow to the required number of dives for your Open Water Scuba Instructor training and the PADI Instructor Exam (minimum 100). And if you passed the PADI Instructor Exam, you can take all five Apply for the Instructor Specialties and start teaching the specialties you love.

Which Instructor Specialties do you choose in 2023?

Basically all Instructor Specialties Chris has to offer. Many Instructor Specialties are included in the standard MSDT Program. For some Specialties you must first be in possession of the student certificate and for some Specialties an additional cost applies and you must demonstrate your experience. Chris is happy to calculate for you what your desired package costs. Also see package prices. ✔

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