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IDC Staff

Why do you want to become an IDC Staff Instructor?

If you are a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, continue climbing the PADI Ladder and take the IDC Staff Instructor course. If you did your PADI IDC a long time ago, choose to take the IDC Staff course now as well. The course will take you to a higher level, we will refresh you completely. As an IDC Staff you can, after gaining experience (IDC Audit), also independently at 5* IDC centers, PADI Assistant Instructors  train. After this course you can also help the Course Director with IDCs and further courses, such as the dives of the Instructor Specialties.

As a dive center manager you can of course also follow the IDC Staff Instructor training. Also check out the PADI Website to broaden your horizons and see what is expected of you. 

IDC Staff Instructor course starts the 3rd of February 2023

 IDC Staff InstructorThe IDC Staff Instructor course is taught in 2 different ways. You walk along an IDC or you do a simulation together with other IDC Staff candidates. The course can be taken in Sharm and/or the Netherlands. In the simulation, the course takes place from 3 candidates and a flexible schedule, such as a weekend course, is possible. Before the IDC there is an extra day for IDC Staff candidates to familiarize you with the Course Director Manual. You will also learn how to score IDC candidates that day.

What do you learn as an IDC Staff Instructor candidate?

IDC Staff InstructorFirst of all, how do you take your Instructor level and your diving theory to the next level. You will learn how to assess Theory presentations and you will also give them yourself. Than, you also learn how to assess  Confined Water Presentations and you will give one yourself as well.
In Open Water you also will learn how to assess IDC Candidates
How to take your skills to the next level

Required Course Materials 

Course Director Manual (IDC Staff Package) online
Confined Water- and Open Water Presentation Evaluation Slats
All mandatory IDC materials, the online version since 2020
Your own professional diving equipment

What is an IDC Audit

Are you an IDC Staff Instructor and want to become a Master Instructor or just gain more experience? Then do an internship during an IDC. With an IDC Audit you fully participate in an IDC. You are always welcome to participate and you will learn from Chris the intricacies of scoring IDC candidates and participate. Just listening in does not yield any results. Chris knows, you want to grow further and you do that during her Audits. Who knows, one day, you might want to become a Course Director yourself.

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IDC Staff Instructor

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