IDC Staffing

IDC Audit

Once you’ve completed your IDC Staff course, you want to take another step up the PADI ladder, continue as Master Instructor. As a Master Instructor you are the helping hand of the Course Director. And how do you get this title, because Master Instructor is also an honorary title by PADI. Read the Instructor manual carefully. You need the necessary experience to earn this title. And one of the components is that you train Assistant Instructors yourself at a PADI 5* Center or participate in 2 IDC’s. And we call this an IDC Audit.

With an IDC Staffing, you fully participate in an IDC, you are always welcome. You will learn from Chris the intricacies of scoring IDC candidates and participate with scoring yourself, because just listening, does not gives you any results. You want to grow further and you do that during Chris’s Audits.

What cost IDC Staffing?

The cost of an IDC Audit / IDC Staffing is 359 euros and if you introduce IDC candidates yourself for the IDC, you will receive a 100 euros discount.

Master Instructor or Course Director ?

Who knows, you might want to become a Course Director yourself after Chris’ IDC staffing / IDC Audit. Some staffers have already preceded you, like Ferdinand and Charles. They have also completed the path to becoming a Course Director at PADI, the highest attainable title you can earn at PADI after intensive training. You will be assessed by the PADI staff and the Course Director Training Course takes place twice a year. Of course you don’t have to become a Course Director if you are going to staff. A lot people choose to stop as Master Instructor. The IDC Audit is always an experience that you can enrich yourself with. Each IDC has its own candidates and they are different every time. During an IDC Audit with Chris, if everything goes well, you will be able to score IDC candidates independently. How nice is that!

IDC Staffing

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