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efr instructor
The Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI) Course provides you with additional training to teach the EFR and Care for Children Courses. It builds your skills and focuses on developing your instructional abilities. You will complete four Self Study Knowledge Reviews, participate in EFRI Course Presentations and you will learn how to demonstrate role-model techniques for the EFR Primary Care, Secondary Care and Care for Children skills.The EFRI course takes you only one day. Before becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor you need to be certified as an EFR Instructor. After the course you can teach EFR to divers and non-divers, companies, families, schools, etc.

EFR instructeur


• Be at least eighteen years old
• Have completed a course in adult and child/infant CPR within the past twentyfour months.
If you are not updated, it takes you only one day before the EFR Instructor Course see schedule.
• Or current CPR/First Aid from other organizations, not older than twelve months.


Complete the four Self Study Knowledge Reviews:

  • Primary and Secondary Care Program Standards,
  • Care for Children Program Standards,
  • Human Body Systems and
  • Medical Emergencies

The EFR Instructor Course is great to follow and when you teach EFR Courses, you will experience that it’s fantastic if you can be a coach for your students and will learn how to help other peoples when nessecary, also how to use an AED. We promise you, you will have a lot of fun during the Course.

EFR EFR Instructeur

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