Cooperation with Reef Oasis Dive Club

CD Chris has now a cooperation with CDC Center Reef Oasis Dive Club. Here she will give all the IDCs in Sharm. Reef Oasis is a PADI CDC Center and has a beautiful house reef, named Temple. They also have beautiful swimming pools where the confined water sessions are given. Not to mention, these pools are heated in the winter months. The CDC Center Reef Oasis is located in the beautiful Reef Oasis Beach resort in Hadaba. The next IDC that will be given there will start on November 25th. There is still room, so if you want to give your life a different spin, you can sign up for your IDC with Chris. Her qualifications and and the beautiful resort will give you a great time/working holiday in the winter in Sharm el Sheikh where the sun always shines. Many preceded you!

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