GoPro Calendar 2022 

PADI Dive Instructor in Egypt or in Holland!

IDC Gold 9-22 juli Sharm el Sheikh 6 plekken
PADI Instructeur Examen 18/19 of 20/21 juli Sharm of Dahab  
Instructeur Specialties 20 – 22 juli Sharm el Sheikh 4 plaatsen
IDC 5-8 en 12 – 15 augustus Valkenburg ZH 6 plekken
PADI Instructeur Examen 20/21 augustus Veenendaal  
Instructeur Specialties aug/sept Nederland 6 plekken
Divemaster Cursus 19 augustus Valkenburg ZH 5 plekken
Instructeur EFRI 14 aug Valkenburg ZH Vol
Gasblender 16 oktober Nederland 5 plekken
AI/IDC 21 oktober Valkenburg ZH 5 plekken
Instructeur EFRI 31 oktober Valkenburg ZH 5 plekken

See also startdates for the IDC


Follow your IDC in the Nederlands by Divepost

IDC’s where quality counts. Can’t you find your course? Contact Chris and we plan your course as well. You can book your IDC course in Holland and Sharm el Sheikh, the same for your TEC course and other PADI courses. It is even possible to do your courses combined in Holland and in Egypt. You can do your IDC in Holland and the PADI Instructor Exam in Egypt, followed up with your Instructor Specialty Courses. She will put your dates straight in the GoPro Calendar.


Follow your IDC in Egypt by Reef Oasis

PADI Course Director Chris combines courses as well, like DM-AI-OWSI-IDC Staff. You want to start a course now by Chris? Contact her to plan your course. From Open Water Course till all TEC Courses. It is a must to follow a course with her and she will bring you to very nice divesites as well.

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