2023 with great opportunities

Wishing you a very happy, healthy new diving year.
We have a special entry for 2023 at 5* IDC Center Reef Oasis in Sharm el Sheikh. Do you want to follow your IDC Staff course, you can do that for free……yes, you follow the course completely free! How? If you nominate two IDC candidates, you will participate for free (excl. PADI Fee and material costs). This is how we make each other happy, you take a step higher and we ensure that good PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors come onto the market again. It doesn’t matter whether they book the Bronze, Silver or Gold IDC Package. What does matter is that these new IDC candidates are looking forward to coming to Egypt to follow their IDC in the sun in February. They should also feel like demonstrating their skills in a heated open-air swimming pool and want to do further water training in the Red Sea with a visibility of 25 meters. We can’t do better for February. So are you coming too?

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