15 years member

Wow, in the post … for 15 years PADI Member (almost 16 years). Why did I become a #PADI Instructor / CD and why do I still teach? PADI brings continuous innovations that I apply immediately. I always see the positive difference in teaching, with safety and fun leading.

As a PADI Instructor / CD, you not only change your own life, but also the lives of others. It’s not only teaching people to dive, you give them so much more. You improve the self-esteem of people. You see fear turning into courage. You help people reach impossible goals. You give people confidence and you get respect for others. And above all, you make friendships for life. I can say this happens in Recreation diving, Technical diving and Professional training. Thanks to PADI, my students, my candidates and the Divecenters I work with!

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